Our new price starts at $7 per pound for items under 8 pounds excluding vitamins and the items listed below.

shipping by container from Florida available at a per cubic feet rate. Please consult us.

New per Item Fees

1 item=$1

2 items=$2

3 Items=$3

4 items=$4

5 Items=$5

6 Items or more Flat fee of $10

If you have a pound or less our minimun order fee of $10 plus servientrega applies.

Shipping prices are to Guayaquil, we add Servientrega charges for all other cities.


1.-All items will go without tags or bags.

2.-Some items are subject to space availability.

3.- Items will be taken out of boxes unless is fragile or per your request.

4.- All packages will be open and inspected. we need to know what we are sending.

5.- Items needed special care and carry by hand will incur a higher rate.

Due to Customs regulations and in order to accommodate everyone we only accept 3 vitamins of the same kind per household per trip. For example 3 vitamin D, 3 Vitamin C, etc. Any amount that exceeds this will go on to the next trip. If your vitamins order exceeds 2 pounds per household in the same trip, the extra pounds will be charged at $12 per pound.

***Seed are charged at $1 per small bag.