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APshipping/your name

2000 Forrest Nelson Blvd

Unit A5

Port Charlotte FL 33952

Due to Customs regulations and in order to accommodate everyone we only accept 3 vitamins of the same kind per household per trip. For example 3 vitamin D, 3 Vitamin C, etc. Any amount that exceeds this will go on to the next trip. If your vitamins order exceeds 2 pounds per household in the same trip, the extra pounds will be charged at $12 per pound.

Returns, We are not able to reject any packages as we do not know the time they are coming. If you need something returned and it's not already packed it will be $25.00. If it's already packed, meaning is in the pictures, it will be $35.00

Unfortunately too many of this are happening and it takes a lot of my time and if it is packed it messes up the sequence.