Do's and Don'ts


You can send absolutely everything here a referential list:

***Not on the list? ask us.


In category 4x4 no merchandise for marketing purposes, jewelry, sprays or flammable materials, seeds, guns, cash and completely prohibited the shipment of cell phones of any kind, new or used , commercial cargo is not accepted. All the products you send must not have labels or prices so as not to contradict your customs declaration.

According to customs law, these shipments cannot exceed a value of US$400.00 and must be for domestic and non-commercial purposes. If your shipment exceeds US$400.00, it will be subject to the normal nationalization procedure and the due payment of duties. It is important by law to declare absolutely everything that is sent in the package to avoid fines and possible tax payments for misdeclaration.

*In a 4kg or 8lb. package, no more than four identical items or garments can be sent. According to resolution 006-2021.

CATEGORY C - 100 Kg $5000

**Cell phones and Laptops please ask us. 

 ***all items in Category C are subject to taxes in accordance to Ecuadorian customs. 4x4 Category must not exceed $400.00 in value

vitamins and supplements policy

Due to Customs regulations and in order to accommodate everyone we only accept 3 vitamins of the same kind per household per trip. For example 3 vitamin D, 3 Vitamin C, etc. Any amount that exceeds this will go on to the next trip. If your vitamins order exceeds 2 pounds per household in the same trip, the extra pounds will be charged at $12 per pound.